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We offer the highest quality devices of the ARC-Heat 40-T6 type used to conduct the local heat treatment. Our devices are available both for sale and lease. Using our devices, we can carry out such processes as the pre-weld heat treatment or the post-weld heat treatment PWHT.

At present we can offer you 6- or 12-channel heat treatment units of power amounting to 40kW and 80kW. They have been installed the ICE-Star devices, and the process control is conducted via the IS-Port software.

The main characteristics of our devices:

  • Small weight for easy transport in difficult areas (power plants, scaffolding and other)
  • Depending on the needs, choosing the equipment of suitable power 40kW or 80kW
  • Simultaneous conduction of 6 independent processes (40kW) or 12 independent processes (80kW)
  • If needed, connecting 5 different devices at the same time
  • User-friendly software IS-Port
  • Generaing the certificate of the heat treatment after completing the proces if needed

The equipment includes electric cables, compensating mats, heated mats, welder etc.

Serving you in the scope of the local heat treatement would be our pride. .

The group has its own machiery fleet with a combined capacity of up to 400kW.

Using the local heat treatment takes place in the following cases:

  • pre-weld heat treatment
  • lipost-weld heat treatment
  • elements of complex geometry
  • local heating of bodies and casts
  • drying chimneys of industrial furnaces
  • processes using the mobile panel furnaces
  • many other non-standard processes

What our vast expertise and experience mean for you:

  • Technical support
  • Help with choosing the right technology of heating complex elements
  • Quality service
  • Correct process implementation in accordance with the guidelines of the customer

On a special request the customer can also lease the equipment with full instrumentation.

The most important characteristics of our devices:

  • Operaing them is easy due to the Polish-language software
  • Our devices are fully registered and always certified
  • Their design is dashing and modern
  • They are undoubted innovations on the market
  • They offer you best precision possible
  • They are light and handy, enabling thus limited transport costs
  • Depending on your needs, we can combine a few devices in one
  • We can also provide you with the necessary cabling and heated mats
mobilny piec panelowy
mobilny piec panelowy
mobilny piec panelowy

mobilny piec panelowy
mobilny piec panelowy


Apart from the delivery itself, we also offer you special trainings in the scope of the device operation and all the heat treatment processes.