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Obróbka cieplna metali

Frima ARC-Heat jest częścią Grupy Euroheatinggroup i od wielu lat specjalizuje się w kompleksowej obróbce cieplnej metali. Świadczymy usługi związane z obróbką cieplną oraz wynajmem pieców i innych urządzeń niezbędnych podczas obróbki termicznej metali. Dodatkowo zajmujemy się sprzedażą urządzeń do miejscowej obróbki oraz dostawą pieców do obróbki cieplnej metali.


The process consists of heating steel up below the temperature leading to structural changes.

The process consists of heating steel up to 30 - 50°C above the AC3 or Acm transformation temperature.

The process aims at increased operational safety.

The ARC-Heat EURO HEATING GROUP is a world leader in the branch of local heat treatment processes. We effectively serve customers throughout Europe and beyond its borders as well.

We perform a wide variety of the heat treatment processes such as for instance::
- pre-weld heat treatment
- post-weld heat treatment
- elements of complex geometry
- local heat treatment of bodies and casts
- drying chimneys of industrial furnaces
- processes using the mobile panel furnaces
- many other non-standard processes

The group has its own machiery fleet with a total capacity of more than 2,5 MW.

The ARC-Heat Group stands as the supplier of the heat treatment furnaces.


Basing on years of experience, we have defined our requirements for the control of the heat treatment processes.


We offer you the best quality equipment of the ARC-Heat 40-T6 type, serving the local heat treatment processes.


We provide the surface cleaning using the shot- blasting metod. The offers concerns both every customer


Should there be no possibility of delivering a product to one of our production branches, we will gladly get to you with a mobile heating furnace ourselves.



Apart from taking advantage of our services in the scope of the heat treatment, you can also buy heating elements used in the heating processes.