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Long years of experience and gaining the essential expertise allowed the ARC-Heat Group to define their own requirements as for the steering of heat treatment processes

On the basis of its own guidelines and in cooperation with the ICE Star OY, specialising in the software implementation and designing drivers used in the heat treatment, our group has created the ISG controller with the IS Port software dedicated to the ARC-Heat Euroheating Group.

The ISQ drivers are used amongst others in the electrical or gas furnaces but also in the local heat treatment devices.
The IS Port system allows for conducting even up to 30 seperate processes at the same time.
The thermal treatment processes are sent from the controller to the PC. After loading the data, the process is monitored from the computer or from the operator panel. All the information such as the parameters, process visualization, electricity consumption or alarms will within the proces duration be recorded in the memory of the controller.


The IS Port software allows us for the following operatios:

  • defining the heat treatment parameters (temperature, heating and cooling speed, tolerance etc.)
  • data storage
  • selection of the appropriate drivers and sensors
  • support and monitoring of one or more processes at the same time
  • data transfer between the controller and the PC
  • creating the database e.g. list of customers
  • generating heat treatment certificates


The main advantages of our drivers are:

  • Compact size
  • Surge protectors
  • Communication via USB, RS-232, ZigBee modem, Bluetooth or GSM adapter
  • Configuration via the operator panel or PC
  • Information about any alarms voltage values and the output power
  • 6-channel extendable drivers
  • Data archiving in the controller memory for up to two months.

The most important characteristics of our devices:

  • Operaing them is easy due to the Polish-language software
  • Our devices are fully registered and always certified
  • Their design is dashing and modern
  • They are undoubted innovations on the market
  • They offer you best precision possible
  • They are light and handy, enabling thus limited transport costs
  • Depending on your needs, we can combine a few devices in one
  • We can also provide you with the necessary cabling and heated mats